Fancy Sticks and Gimmicked Wands

I Like Wands!

A note from Mike: I love wands and have a huge personal collection. I can’t get enough of the fancy sticks. Which means I am less willing to part with one so you won’t see a lot of wands for sale on this page. But don’t be discouraged, I have so many wands that there will usually be something available on this page. Just a heads up!

Wooden Wizard Wands

Three different Wizard Wands. The wands are turned from solid wood. Each is just under 15 inches long, a nice full size. Wands “A” and “B” are made from Teak and wand “C” is Walnut. Each wand will come with a velvet pouch (not shown). Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $25 each.

Style “A”

Style “B”

Style “C”

If you have any questions or want to make a purchase don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Mike Rose


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