Unlike everything else on the Hard To Find Magic website, this item is brand new and manufactured by yours truly, Mike Rose. And unlike all the other items on this website it is not one of a kind. It is an item that I have manufactured in small quantities. But those quantities are very limited so don’t dally!


This is a super jazzed-up version of an old trick known today as the Snapper. The original was invented over 100 years ago by British magician G.W. Hunter. This new design concept was created by Mike Rose, and he retains all rights.

Here’s the basic effect. A wooden triangular block is shown. The block has a hole in each of its three sides and a length of elastic woven through it. The magician demonstrates how a solid brass rod can be manipulated to hook onto the elastic within the block and caused to snap back when extended. Although it seems easy enough, no one else is able to cause the brass rod to snap back into the device. In an effort to “help” the spectator, the magician explains that he is using the wrong hole and only one of the three holes will work. After trying all three holes the spectator still has no luck. The magician offers to “help” some more by explaining that he has a second brass rod and that he had secretly switched it out. The magician apologizes for his trickery and explains only one of the brass rods actually works. Naturally when the spectator tries the second brass rod he still cannot make it work in any of the holes.

Since this version has three holes and two brass rods tons of possibilities open up for the creative performer. Feel free to add even more “help” if you’d like. For example, tell the spectator that to make it work he must stand on one foot to change the center of gravity. Or tell him he must rub the brass rod on his sleeve to build up a static electrical charge. Let your imagination run wild and make the presentation fit your personality. If you come up with any presentational tips you want to share, feel free to send them to the email address noted below. If I get enough tips, I’ll create a secret web page for all the owners of Tri-N-Snap to share the updates among themselves. Here’s an idea to get your creative juices flowing. Perform Tri-N-Snap as a “3 Card Monte” style routine. You could say it is a gambling device and the object is to bet which hole will allow the rod to snap back. Naturally you can make any hole the correct hole so the spectator never wins. NOTE: We do not endorse ACTUAL gambling with the device! This is only mentioned as a presentational concept for the trick. So play nice!

Tri-N-Snap is made from solid walnut and the rods are genuine brass with wooden knobs. Even the elastic is high grade rather than a simple rubber band as in the old fashioned versions. Your Tri-N-Snap will come with the walnut triangular block, two brass rods with wooden knobs, a drawstring pouch and the printed instruction sheet. These are made one at a time by hand and in very limited numbers and I cannot guarantee how long they will be available. Currently sold out. Sorry.

If you have any questions or want to make a purchase don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Mike Rose


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