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Mini Tricky Bottles

A set of Grant’s Tricky Bottles but is a smaller than usual size. The tubes are 7.25 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter, about half the size of the typical sets. The bottles are glass. The tubes are in mint condition. The labels on the bottles show some age discoloration but are otherwise in great shape. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $25

Sammy the Performing Seal – Ray Hackman

This trick is touted as an award winner at the 1959 IBM-SAM convention so that would make this circa early 1960’s. The wood stand is 16 X 8 inches. The routine starts with three cards. One is a picture of the seal, one of a ball on a launching device and the third card is the oversize card with the tent picture. The tent card is used to cover one end of the stand or the other in performance. The ball vanishes from the card and appears on the seal’s nose. However, the magician “accidentally” reveals part of the secret but all ends well after some sucker byplay with the kids. The stand has a moveable ball attached to the back to allow the audience to see the ball travel. This is at least 50 years old and although the wood stand is in great shape, the cards (pictures) show some age discoloration. Complete with all the cards, wood stand, original instructions, and an original flyer that was used to advertise the trick. It is from Ray Hackman (the inventor and builder) of Palos Heights, Illinois. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $40

Tear Down – DVD

DVD of Andrew Mayne’s method for the torn and restored newspaper. Incredibly it requires no preparation and the newspaper can even be signed. That’s right, an impromptu method and it can be done with regular size newspaper or tabloids. Click on thumbnail to enlarge photo. $10

Santa and the Rabbit – Madblood Creations

First, there is no rabbit; I don’t know why the trick is called Santa and the Rabbit! What you do get is a folder with a haunted looking house printed on both sides and a Santa card. The Santa card is placed in the folder and the kids clearly see he is wearing his red suit. The folder is tuned over and Santa is now shown to be in a green suit. The magician turns the folder over again and changes him back to red. The kids yell that the green suit Santa is on the back of the card and this goes on for as long as the magician wants. Finally the red suit Santa card is removed from the folder and turned around; there is a yellow suit Santa and no sign of the green suit! The folder can even be handed out for examination. I believe that when Madblood Creations created this it was with a ghost which explains the haunted house on the folder. However, they probably later made other cards for other occasions (like Santa for Christmas shows) that would utilize the same folder. The rabbit in the title may refer to another card that was available. But this set is only the Santa card (no Rabbit and no Ghost), the folder and the original instructions. In excellent condition and actually a very deceptive trick! Probably circa 1970.  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $20

Miracle Book Test

A book of over 300 pages is shown. A spectator opens the book to any page and is asked to look at the third word on the sixth line of the freely chosen page. The magician jots down a word on a pad of paper and it is shown to be very same word. Marketed by D. Robbins this is circa 1970’s and is complete with original book, instruction sheet and special pad which has some secret cues for the performer. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $10


Tommy Windsor’s Pop Corn Dye Box

A vintage Tommy Windsor Popcorn Dye Box, box and original instructions. By D. Robbins. This is kinda old, probably circa 1970 and may be more for the collector than something you would use in a show due to its age. It is in very good condition, but due to its age may not be as durable as a new version. Complete with original packaging. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $7

Melting Mirror – Daytona Magic

A framed mirror approximately 12 by 16 inches is shown on both sides. The mirror can be tapped all over to show it is solid. A silk is used to clean the glass when suddenly it melts right through. The silk is pulled out the opposite side yet the mirror is shown to still be intact and without any holes. Very nice quality and in excellent condition complete with original instructions. Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos. $85

Sucker Spots – Supreme Magic

Sucker Spots by Roy Baker released by Supreme Magic circa 1970’s. A large card (12 inches square) is shown to have two black spots and two white spots on each side (the sides are identical). The magician claims he can make the spots travel to different positions on the card. However, he is obviously just turning the card to make it seem the spots are in different positions. The audience is quick to point this out and is obviously not impressed. Finally to save face the magician causes all the spots to change color leaving him with four different color spots. NOTE: there are actually TWO of the special mechanical cards included here. I have two sets of the same trick (but one set of original instructions) so you will be getting both. Only one is used in performance, the other can be a back-up for you. Both are in good condition but not mint. They show some signs of age but neither is very bad. They both function, just some age wear. Original instructions are included. Click on thumbnail to enlarge photo. $20

Merv Taylor Wonder Box

A trick devised by Himber and made of stainless steel by Merv Taylor (both boxes have the Merv Taylor hallmark). With this apparatus a production of two loads of silks can be made from what appears to be two empty square tubes (boxes). The boxes are in good condition except for one of the doors for one of the load chambers is slightly sprung. As can be seen in one of the photos it does not close all the way flush like the other door. This may be something that can be repaired but I’ll leave that up to the buyer. Priced very low to compensate for this issue and includes original instructions.  Click on thumbnail to enlarge photos. $95

Shrinking Glove

The Shrinking Glove, in excellent condition. Magician is seen wearing a pair of yellow gloves. He removes them and gives one a squeeze, suddenly it has become tiny. No instructions but if you know how to put on a pair of gloves you can perform this! Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos. $10


Cane to Flowers

Cane to Flowers. A tall (approximately 2 feet) display of feather flowers designed to be produced from a vanishing cane. NO CANE INCLUDED, feather flowers only, use any vanishing cane. In great condition. Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos. $20

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