Gaffed Coins, Tokens and Coin Magic Accessories

Hong Kong Coin

This is basically a Chinese coin and matching shell, but it has been dubbed the Hong Kong Coin by magic dealers. You can do anything that can be done with a regular coin and shell except you have the advantage of also performing Jardine Ellis type routines since the coin and shell have a hole. No instructions and I’m not sure of the manufacturer but it is very nice! Each photo shows the opposite sides of the same coin and shell. Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos. $15

Pewter Hook Coin

This Chinese coin Hook Coin is made of pewter and is the size of a Half Dollar. In excellent condition.  Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos. $15

Large British Hook Coin

A large British Hook Coin approximately the size of an Eisenhower Dollar. In excellent condition. Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos. $18

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