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Dye Tube – Star Magic

In excellent condition, this Dye Tube is approximately 2 inches long and 3/4 inch in diameter. Made by Star Magic, it is a vintage piece complete with original packaging. Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos. $20

Flash Cards (Brainwave) – Vintage Leather Case

R.W. Hull’s Flash Cards (The Brainwave Deck) made by Hanies’ House of Cards. Complete with high quality leather card case rather than the typical cardboard box. The deck is Bridge size and the roughing is in fine working condition. Click on thumbnail to enlarge the photo. $25

Splendid – El Duco

Three vinyl sleeves are shown to each contain one blue playing card. A spectator selects a card from a red backed deck. The spectator also selects one of the three vinyl sleeves and the red backed selection is placed in the selected vinyl sleeve. The performer picks up the sleeve and asks the spectator to remove the red and blue cards and both are seen to have the same face! The other sleeves are turned over and seen to contain different cards. In mint condition complete with deck, vinyl sleeves, gaffs, original instructions and the original box. Click on thumbnail to enlarge the photo. $25

Dice Illusion Set

A die is shown to have spots but no paint in the spot holes (Is that a thing? Spot holes?!). When placed on a mirror the paint appears in the spots but only in the reflection in the mirror. The die is removed from the mirror and can now be shown to have paint in all the spot holes! No instructions, but a simple switch is needed to hand out the die at the end. Includes one die with no paint, one die with paint, one gaffed die to reflect in the mirror and a small mirror. Again, no instructions but pretty self-explanatory.  Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos. $10

Hopping Diamonds

A vintage set (circa 1970’s) that includes the original instructions and the three necessary sticks Made of plastic and just under three inches long each. One photo shows the front of the sticks and the other photo shows the back. Click on thumbnail to enlarge the photo. $10

Jumping Gems

A four inch long stick is shown to have four gems near one end. The opposite side is shown to be the same. A quick flick of the wrist and now the four gems have separated leaving two at each end, on both sides. No instructions but if you can do the paddle move you’re good to go! This is circa 1970’s and is a nicer quality than usually seen today. One photo shows the front of the stick and the other photo shows the back. Click on thumbnail to enlarge the photo. $10

Soft Coins – Tenyo

Three coins placed in holder are penetrated by a pencil. In excellent condition but there are no instructions. If you are unfamiliar with the secret I will provide info on the workings. Click on thumbnail to enlarge photo. $10

Some Nice Fake $100 Bills

Old school looking fake Hundred Dollar bills (eight total). No trick, just waiting to be used or collected. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge photo. $5

Snap by Roy Johnson

Snap – The Unique Visible Paper to Banknote by Roy Johnson. Copyright 1991 includes original booklet explaining the gimmick (a mock up practice gimmick is included), handling finesse, Preparation for performance, presentation and how to build a gaff using real currency. As the name implies, a piece of paper I snapped and visibly changes into a banknote. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $10

Un-BILL-ievable by Bob Solari

Bob Solari’s Un-BILL-ievable complete with original instructions and gimmick. A borrowed bill (any denomination) is folded in half and placed inside a folded slip of paper leaving part of the bill visible. A knife (can be borrowed) is plunged through the bill and paper, a ripping noise is heard during this. The paper is unfolded and a large hole is seen in the paper, yet the bill is completely unharmed. Very easy to do, the gimmicked paper does most of the work. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $8

The Prodigal Aces by Cosmo Solano

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a very clean, fast and magical ace assembly. Complete with original instructions (which have a link to a video tutorial) and the three gaffed cards. Gaffs are poker size red back Bicycle so you’ll need to add your own matching deck. In mint condition. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $10.00

Tri-Mental by Stan Lobenstern & Bonus Trick

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThree cards are selected from a deck and they match three jumbo prediction cards. This is routine to be a stage trick but could easily be performed close-up. Instructions were written by Peter Warlock. Complete with A deck of Tiger brand playing cards (still sealed in cellophane), three jumbo prediction cards, Sharpie pen and original instructions.

BONUS: Bourbon Street Con by Stan Lobenstern. This is a two card monte type routine using a double face card. Copyright 1988, comes with gaffed cards and original instructions.

Get both for one price. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge photos. $10.00

Missing Monte

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAMissing Monte by Steve Hunsberger and Ron Spohn. Three cards are shown, two aces and a queen. One ace is placed a side and the remaining ace and queen are placed under a spectator’s hand. The second ace is removed and when the spectator looks at the queen der his hand the center of the card is cut out, the queen is gone! Includes original instructions and TWO sets of the special cards. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge photos. $9.00

Three Tricks by Barry Govan

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAMini Fax is a series of tricks and ideas using mini playing card stickers. The instructions are six pages long and copyright 1991. Includes three sheets of the mini card stickers.

Noughts and Crosses is a packet trick using cards with X’s and O’s printed on them. Although not extremely clear in the instructions, it appears the magician challenges the spectator to get his three Noughts in a row. The kicker comes when another card appears that has the game’s score.

Chameleon Cards. Four jumbo cards have their faces change color and then have their backs change color. Easy to do (even with the jumbo cards). Complete with original instructions and jumbo cards.

All THREE tricks for one price. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge photos. $15.00

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