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Ultra Wallet – Switching Wallet

Although this says Himber Wallet on the package it is actually a Z Fold style wallet. The wallet looks more like a pocket calendar than a wallet and is a very supple vinyl type material, but much nicer quality than typical vinyl. Something different than your usual switch wallet! In very nice condition complete with original instructions and packaging (circa 1978). Click on thumbnail to enlarge photos. $15

Pro-M Deck

A marked deck that is deceptive yet easy to read. Includes instructions for a couple effects. Deck is red Bicycle poker size and is in perfect condition. Released by Magic Art Studio Watertown, MA. Click on thumbnail to enlarge photos. $20

Flying Cards by Anthony Magic

Two groups of ten cards are shown. A spectator merely thinks of any two cards in one group. Those cards vanish and are found in the second group. The number of cards in each group remains ten, but the thought of cards are found I the second group. Complete with the special cards and the original instructions. Click on thumbnail to enlarge photos. $10

Card-Bin Copy by Joe Silkie & John Ferrentino

Marketed by Spooky Stuff Limited. A blank card is signed by a spectator. A card is selected from any regular deck. With the help of the world’s smallest copy machine the signed blank card “prints” a copy of the selected card onto its reverse side. Complete as new with all the special cards, plastic case and original instructions. Click on thumbnail to enlarge photos. $10

Phantom Key

More commonly known as a Hook Key there is a small sharp pin soldered to one side. Make the key vanish and reappear just as you would with a hook coin. Click on thumbnail to enlarge photos. $10

An ESP Prediction

Several mini cardboard dominoes are shown. However, instead of spots the have an ESP symbol on each end.  One is placed aside face down as a prediction. A spectator lays them end to end matching the corresponding symbols at each end of each domino. When finished it is seen that the magician has predicted which two symbols would end up on the ends. Includes mini cardboard dominoes, original instructions and a vinyl wallet. Click on thumbnail to enlarge photos. $5

Key Bender

Brass gimmick for bending keys. Has a hole where it can be attached to a piece of elastic to get rid of up sleeve if desired. No instructions but you pretty much just stuff a key tip in the end and push. Done and done! Click on thumbnail to enlarge photos. $5

Micro Computer – Dick Barry

A card is chosen (use your favorite force). A micro-computer card is removed from the deck and the magician presses a button (pretends to, the buttons are merely graphics) and this he claims activates the computer’s printer. A message emerges from the computer and it is the spectator’s selected card! The card is very well made and has a red Bicycle back. But it can really be used with any deck since it does not need to go into the deck. In perfect working condition. Complete with original instructions. Click on thumbnail to enlarge photos. $15

Fire to Flags – Tricks Co.

This is a mini piece of apparatus made by Tricks, Co. of Japan circa 1970’s and it is gorgeous. The vase is chrome plated and heavy for its small size (it stands just under five inches tall.) The vase is shown empty and a piece of paper is lit and dropped inside. The lid is clamped on to extinguish the mini fire. When the lid is removed a miniature string of flags is produce and there is no sign of any burns, fire, etc. This is in perfect condition (it even has the tiny Made in Japan label on the bottom!). Complete with vase (three pieces, the vase, the lid and the secret gimmick), the string of flags, the original instructions and the original black and red box. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $85

Mexican Bill Box

A fun little puzzle box. Place a dollar inside so it shows through the window. Offer it to an unsuspecting person and ask if they can remove the dollar without damaging the box. Complete with instructions. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photos. $7

Standing on Edge – Bob McAllister

A dollar bill is stood on edge on the table in various positions and stays upright as if by some unseen force. Complete with original instructions and a supply of the secret stuff. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photos. $5

Your Card – Bob Solari

A card is selected. The magician states he has the volunteer’s card in a small wallet. It is removed and it is merely a card that reads, “Your Card” it is turned over and it reads, “Daaaaa!” So far just a couple gags. Then a mirror is removed and held next to the spectator’s card and the magician says, “See I did have your card in the wallet.” But it is just a reflection of the chosen card, another gag. Finally the mirror is turned over and glued on the back is a miniature card and it is indeed the chosen card. The magician saves the trick! Complete with vinyl wallet, gag card, and mirror with mini card glued on the back. Comes with original Bob Solari instructions. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photos. $10

Flash Cards (Brainwave) – Vintage Leather Case

R.W. Hull’s Flash Cards (The Brainwave Deck) made by Hanies’ House of Cards. Complete with high quality leather card case rather than the typical cardboard box. The deck is Bridge size and the roughing is in fine working condition. Click on thumbnail to enlarge the photo. $15

Jumping Gems

A four inch long stick is shown to have four gems near one end. The opposite side is shown to be the same. A quick flick of the wrist and now the four gems have separated leaving two at each end, on both sides. No instructions but if you can do the paddle move you’re good to go! This is circa 1970’s and is a nicer quality than usually seen today. One photo shows the front of the stick and the other photo shows the back. Click on thumbnail to enlarge the photo. $10

Un-BILL-ievable by Bob Solari

Bob Solari’s Un-BILL-ievable complete with original instructions and gimmick. A borrowed bill (any denomination) is folded in half and placed inside a folded slip of paper leaving part of the bill visible. A knife (can be borrowed) is plunged through the bill and paper, a ripping noise is heard during this. The paper is unfolded and a large hole is seen in the paper, yet the bill is completely unharmed. Very easy to do, the gimmicked paper does most of the work. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $8

Levitron – Original!

An original Levitron circa 1990’s. Complete with everything as new. And as a bonus there is also the Levitron Starter. This was sold separately and was designed to get the top spinning and more easily placed into position. The only very minor condition issue I can see is the top has some minor paint loss to the yellow section (see photo). Otherwise this is as if you just bought it in a shop! Click on the thumbnail to enlarge photo. $15

The Prodigal Aces by Cosmo Solano

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a very clean, fast and magical ace assembly. Complete with original instructions (which have a link to a video tutorial) and the three gaffed cards. Gaffs are poker size red back Bicycle so you’ll need to add your own matching deck. In mint condition. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $10.00

Vintage Cigarette Vanisher

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAMade by E-Z Magic this is a vintage gimmick made of wood and painted flesh color. The gimmick is in perfect like new condition and even the elastic is in excellent condition. Although this is a cigarette vanisher it could also be used to vanish pencils, pens or crayons. Comes complete with gimmick, original instructions and the original packaging. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo. $8

Tri-Mental by Stan Lobenstern & Bonus Trick

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThree cards are selected from a deck and they match three jumbo prediction cards. This is routine to be a stage trick but could easily be performed close-up. Instructions were written by Peter Warlock. Complete with A deck of Tiger brand playing cards (still sealed in cellophane), three jumbo prediction cards, Sharpie pen and original instructions.

BONUS: Bourbon Street Con by Stan Lobenstern. This is a two card monte type routine using a double face card. Copyright 1988, comes with gaffed cards and original instructions.

Get both for one price. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge photos. $10.00

Missing Monte

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAMissing Monte by Steve Hunsberger and Ron Spohn. Three cards are shown, two aces and a queen. One ace is placed a side and the remaining ace and queen are placed under a spectator’s hand. The second ace is removed and when the spectator looks at the queen der his hand the center of the card is cut out, the queen is gone! Includes original instructions and TWO sets of the special cards. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge photos. $9.00

Three Tricks by Barry Govan

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAMini Fax is a series of tricks and ideas using mini playing card stickers. The instructions are six pages long and copyright 1991. Includes three sheets of the mini card stickers.

Noughts and Crosses is a packet trick using cards with X’s and O’s printed on them. Although not extremely clear in the instructions, it appears the magician challenges the spectator to get his three Noughts in a row. The kicker comes when another card appears that has the game’s score.

Chameleon Cards. Four jumbo cards have their faces change color and then have their backs change color. Easy to do (even with the jumbo cards). Complete with original instructions and jumbo cards.

All THREE tricks for one price. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge photos. $15.00

Himber Valu-a-Bill

Basically a gag item from Richard Himber. You get the original vinyl wallet and eight gag bills. Leave one sticking part way out of the wallet and it looks like (kinda) a ten dollar bill. When the spectator removes it he discovers it is a note that reads, “Here’s Your 10 Spot” and has a Ten of Clubs printed where the rest of the bill should be. No instructions but none really needed. Click on thumbnail to enlarge photo. $8

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