Booklets, Pamphlets, Monographs, etc.

141 Tricks You Can Do

141 Tricks You Can Do by Sherman Ripley. Enlarged edition copyright 1955. In excellent condition! 127 pages perfect bound. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photo. $5

New Jumping Back by Jose De Le Torre

This first edition (1976) booklet of 36 pages is full of clever card magic from the mind of Jose De Le Torre. The booklet is in good condition (minor age discoloration to the spine) and is profusely illustrated. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge the photo. $10.00

Jerry Hartman Presents Card Fare

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERACopyright 1980, published by Tannen Magic, Inc. 60 pages, perfect bound in very good condition. All card magic as the title implies! Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo. $10.00


Spellbound – U.F. Grant

Vintage monograph by U.F. Grant and edited by Don Tanner (no date). Several pseudo hypnotic effects. Click on thumbnail to enlarge photo. $5


Free Selection Collectors & Quartet

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERATwo manuscripts from mark Leveridge, Free Selection Collectors and Quartet. Free Selection Collectors is Number 2 in the Master Routine series. The manuscript is from 1985 and is actually two manuscripts; one is all text and the other all diagrams. Quartet is a 10 page manuscript that is a combination of four effects blended together to create an extended four ace routine. Both titles for one price. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge photos. $12.00

A Baker’s Dozen by Stan Lobenstern

Staple bound book of fourteen effects including card tricks, coins tricks, Bill to Salt, No Gimmick Coin in Ball of Wool, rising cards routine, a silk effect, and more. Published by Modern Magic Company of Graham Texas, copyright 1968. In good very good condition. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge photo. $10.00

Three Titles by Ed Marlo



The Magic Seven (a multi-phase card routine), Coin Magic (40 pages of coin tricks), and Side Steal (60 pages of, um, side stealing). All three titles for one price. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $10.00

Grifty Business – Memes to Quicken by Jon Racherbaumer



In new condition this booklet contains 14 clever card tricks from Jon Racherbaumer. In new condition, this was published in 2001 to coincide with the P.C.A.M. Convention in August of that year. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. $10.00

Repeat Offender by Bob Solari – Signed

Autographed by Bob Solari, first edition 1989. 17 pages of creative card magic from a well-known name in magic. In excellent condition. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge the photo. $10.00


German Language Book on Posters

Unfortunately I do not speak German so you’re really on your own here! This is a small book (approximately 4.5 x 6.5 inches) with 300 pages. It appears to be a reference guide for posters, but they are not all magic posters. There is at least one Houdini poster I found but most seem to be not magic related. There are many color photos of posters and although it is all in German the pictures tell a pretty good story. It is copyright 1979 and appears to be a first edition. I think this would be a useful book for any fan of posters. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge the photo. $20.00

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