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This is the fun page! Everything on here is $15 (and remember that includes free shipping in the USA!). There is quite an eclectic mix of magic here.

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Tenyo Squeeze Play – Original Version!

Tenyo Squeeze Play. This is the older version that did NOT have the words “Squeeze Play” printed on the disk. Also the bottom of the glass has the Tenyo rabbit logo which the newer versions did not. And finally the two cylinders are two-tone, yellow and green unlike the newer version. Unfortunately I do not have the instructions or packaging for this, but for the collector it is a unique version to display. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photo. $15

Himber Valu-a-Bill

Basically a gag item from Richard Himber. You get the original vinyl wallet and eight gag bills. Leave one sticking part way out of the wallet and it looks like (kinda) a ten dollar bill. When the spectator removes it he discovers it is a note that reads, “Here’s Your 10 Spot” and has a Ten of Clubs printed where the rest of the bill should be. No instructions but none really needed. Click on thumbnail to enlarge photo. $15

Levitron – Original!

An original Levitron circa 1990’s. Complete with everything as new. And as a bonus there is also the Levitron Starter. This was sold separately and was designed to get the top spinning and more easily placed into position. The only very minor condition issue I can see is the top has some minor paint loss to the yellow section (see photo). Otherwise this is as if you just bought it in a shop! Click on the thumbnail to enlarge photo. $15

Top Secret

Circa 1970’s this is a small top that when sent spinning on its base will spin for quite a long time. There is a secret motor in the base (runs off a 9 volt battery, I tested it and it works fine) which interacts with a magnet in the top to cause the abnormally long spinning time. The spectators are not aware of the secret motor or magnet. Along with the original box and instructions there is also a fake memorandum card that claims the top has unknown properties and requires further investigation, etc. A fun vintage piece. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge photo. $15

Vintage Mirror Glass

Made of heavy glass this tumbler measure approximately 3 ½ inches tall. The “mirror” is actually a shiny piece of metal so there is no glass to worry about breaking. The metal is a bit tarnished and this would probably be more of a collectible than a piece you would use in performance. However, it may be possible to shine up the metal insert, but I’ll leave that to the buyer. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge the photo. $15.00

Vintage Cigarette Vanisher

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAMade by E-Z Magic this is a vintage gimmick made of wood and painted flesh color. The gimmick is in perfect like new condition and even the elastic is in excellent condition. Although this is a cigarette vanisher it could also be used to vanish pencils, pens or crayons. Comes complete with gimmick, original instructions and the original packaging. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo. $15.00

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